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Our producing vision is to seek out, invest in and grow platforms and opportunities for black talent to flourish; responding to ideas, passion and artistic drive to make work happen.  TTS has raised over £3.5m for projects ranging from individual funding for £10K through to major national projects of over £600K through to festival programming, artist commissions, salon events, retreats, residencies and partnerships.

The Engine Room

THE ENGINE ROOM - Production and Talent Development Hub

This is a new area of work that will challenge, inspire and play with the notion of the Black and multi-ethnic cultural voice in Britain today.  Through the work, TTS will seek out new talent, discover authentic stories, invent and re-invent who and what multi-ethnic Britain is today, and in do doing, unearth narratives that express a shared expression of 21st Britain.

TTS Productions will work with some of the most outstanding makers across the country at all levels of their careers to develop new artistic product, create platforms for work and create both an audience and talent pipelines. 



TTS produced ‘What Difference Does Difference Make’, a programme of work inspired by Naseem Khan’s  40th anniversary of The Arts Britain Ignores report.  The project led this debate that explored the contours of diversity, creativity and progression over the last 40-years. Working in partnership with an extraordinary team, the project achieved a national profile, commissioned 14 makers, worked in partnership with 3 national institutions and reached a digital audience of over 4000 people. 



Take the Space Consultants has worked with ECDP as an Associate Producer since 2010 supporting this vibrant programme of artist commissions, events, festival and artist development, retreats, and projects.   



CCDC7 is a London-based dance company that specializes in working with ‘Recycled Teenagers’ - older people aged from 55-years. exploring dance, wellbeing and performance.  As Associate Producer with CCDC7, TTS helped to support a successful funding award for the company to deliver Time of Our Life, a Dance and Dementia project that focused on working with African, African Caribbean and South Asian elders, working in partnership with Kings College London.

Akila Richards


Akila is a Brighton-based writer and performance poet with a unique voice that tells the story of mixed heritage, Black womanhood and Afro European experience.   Take the Space commissioned Akila for the Digital Holographic project that developed with digital artists and academia a prototype touring holographic station. The project formed part of the Brighton Digital Festival.

TTS is supporting Akila to produce her 1st play in partnership with Marlborough Theatre.



TTS was awarded Elevate strategic investment from Arts Council England in recognition of the significant contribution TTS has made to the Creative Case for Diversity.  With bid partner Essex Cultural Diversity Project, our proposal sets out a model for scaling up our operations in strategic partnership with The Brighton Dome, Talawa Theatre, The Bush Theatre, Metal Culture (Southend) and with critical friend Shape Arts.



The JustCulture Movement came out of a series of nationwide discussions with practitioners, producers and makers across the country committed to creating a fair and just cultural landscape.

We believe that the cultural sector should be representative to all people - artists, producers, practitioners, makers, workforce and most importantly, audiences.

The 10-point manifesto sets out what needs to be done in order to achieve a fair and just cultural future. We look to Central Government to address these issues of structural inequality and lack of transparency in culture as an urgent priority.

The Manifesto relates to the Black and minority ethnic cultural community, and we welcome the addition of similar calls to action from colleagues from other under-represented communities.
View full manifesto here.
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